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Lack of preparation on long-term healthcare widespread in most Sri Lankan families

The provision of affordable healthcare to an entire population is probably the biggest challenge that faces any country. Unfortunately, medical expenses and new advances remain unaffordable to most, while an unforeseen illness to a family member could easily bring financial drain or ruin– further adding distress to the family unit. Not addressing your family's health issues on time due to financial constraints will only degrade the quality of life enjoyed.

Those with some form of healthcare investment plan too, deal with many shortcomings such as inadequate covers and short time periods of the coverage period. Many do not have the option to cover minor surgeries and in the worst scenario, healthcare policyholders would have to share medical covers amongst their family members – further declining possibilities to spend on quality medicare if the need arises.

The lack of awareness and preparation among the general public on health related emergencies are even more magnified during desperate situations when hard earned savings have to be utilised to provide for loved ones. This in turn creates a chain of struggle for most families.

Understanding this, Union Assurance (UA) has launched an island-wide campaign called the "Union Health Week" between 21st-30th March 2013 where UA's professional and knowledgeable advisors will meet the general public and discuss ways one can plan for future health emergencies at their own budget through affordable health insurance and investments. This has been a first in UA's history of Life insurance and will be supported by over 4000 UA advisors on the field. Union Assurance (UA) has identified a need for a comprehensive, affordable health insurance solution for families to manage their health care proactively, and to take advantage of improvements in health care facilities while at the same time reducing the burden of escalating costs associated with such services. If you require further assistance in planning for a healthcare solution for your family, call 0112 428 428 today.

It's time to rethink long-term healthcare plans 

Lack of preparation on long-term healthcare widespread in most Sri Lankan families